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    Your child's academic and life success depends on understanding how their brains are wired. Learning anything new is complex but if you understand what makes a child excel at something and struggle at another, you can make a difference to their lives.

    Amaze digital assessment and empowerment platform offers evidence-based tests for a bias-free assessment of child's strengths and weaknesses and solutions to target strengthening the weaker areas for all round success.

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Assessment Battery

Scientifically validated tests created by experts

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Ease of administration & tracking progress

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Comprehensive analytics, interpretive reports and recommendations.

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Help you child excel in Academics and in Life by finding their stronger and weaker brain processes. Language, Math, Memory, Executive function, Perceptual, Reasoning can all be scientifically assessed with MAPPR.


Improve learning outcomes by working on the root cause of poor academic performance (brain processes) by conducting group tests to evaluate students without human bias or labeling neurodiverse learners.


Get evidence of a child's neuropsychological processes to speed up analysis, get insights and share recommendations based on global best practices.


Understand what makes a child struggle or succeed based on their neuropsychological strengths and weaknesses to help them reach their true potential.

Key Features

Simple Yet Elegant Test Platform

Amaze platform offers a battery of scientifically-validated tests, an AI-powered assessment engine and world-class remediation support platform for your children in both Web and App formats.


Based on the updated CHC Integrated Theory of Cognitive & Neuropsychological perspectives


Comprehensive reports, easier to implement strategies and recommendations that are time-tested and empirically supported makes it easier for parents, educators and school owners to make a lasting difference in the lives of their children.

Sample Report here


Reviews and feedbacks by users
  • This is a amazing platform for fastest and most comprehensive assessment of child's true potential. We learnt about the strengths & weaknesses of each student. Fun for children to take and easy to understand results.

    Dr. Shyam Raghav, Principal

  • Results and Reports are very comprehensive and helpful for further improvement in our abilities.

    Anil Sharma

  • Quick and fun to take these tests. They are not long or boring like school tests. Multiple test within a very short time is the best thing about AMAZE

    Vivek Shah


Go beyond academic grades. Get a complete Cognitive profile of your child today


Assessment Battery

Neuropsychoeducational Assesments for different abilities

Web & Mobile App

Available on both web browser and android mobile platforms

Analysis Reports

Get test reports quickly based on performance of assessments taken