Frequently Asked Questions

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Your cognitive strength and weakness means which area of brain activity are you smart in and which area you are average in. And if there are any areas that are weak

IQ tests just give you a number, some tests give you personality type and based on that a generalised interpretation, most of them use very old intelligence theories to explain cognition.

We can schedule them over 2 visits but they are so much fun to take – small breaks and completion on the same day is easier on everyone.

Yes, the tests are based on CHC theory of intelligence. The most modern theory being used in Europe and US to built the modern tests

About 2 and a half hours !

We hope to be able to do those very soon . They can be taken on tablets or a web platform

They can be administered in both ways – either individually or in groups

We recommend repeat test only after some remediation has been instituted , ideally 6 months

The test tells you about cognitive strengths of your child as well and can help you in career planning of the child

A team of psychologists and special educators, trained to conduct the test.


Any individual can take MAPPR – currently we have nomograms for 2nd, 5th, 8th and 12th grade level assessments. Rest is work in progress.

Scoring is currently based on nomograms from US population. We are in process of developing Indian data and will match the scores to that data.

Some intelligence coordinates correlate with academic scores in classroom. Entire spectrum of a child’s intelligence cannot be assessed by classroom scores.


Yes, it would help us in bringing to lots of kids who need it in school. Please let us know if you make such a request with your child’s school.

There is a sample question before each question so the child can learn how to do it.

There is no good score … if your child is in green zone for all coordinates, it means he/she is and efficient learner. As child goes through school, new skills are acquired, and any child can fall back from green to yellow or even red zone. Therefore, we recommend periodic evaluations.

The test is only available on technology.

If we found any cheating aspect

Amaze MAPPR is first of its kind technology-based cognitive assessment platform. Most of the current tests are partial pen and paper tests. They are lengthier and more expensive . We also eliminate the examiner bias in Amaze MAPPR.

Once the test has been conducted … there is no refund.

We have very focused remediation steps for each intelligence coordinate. Currently, we are not giving any diagnosis to child. The aim is to keep correcting weaknesses without the label of learning disability.

The MAPPR can identify gifted kids. This can help teacher to challenge the child more in classroom by creating harder curriculum for him. This keeps child interested in learning and stay focussed.

We are not giving a diagnosis of learning disability yet. Our aim is to identify weakness/strength in intelligence coordinates and plan specific educational remediation. So all children with mild LD can be remediated without a label. A special accommodation certificate can be provided to severely affected children. We are not recognised by CBSE or ICSE Boards YET, for Class 10 and 12 board Exams !