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Cognitive ability assessments

Give your child the winning edge with Amaze MAPPR

Broad Abilities & Cognitive Tests

Find you child's true potential with Amaze. Give them a headstart by identifying their giftedness and learning difficulties, scientifically.
Memory Processing
Acquired Knowledge
Processing Efficiency
Perceptual Processes
Reasoning Ability

Our goal is encourage more parents, educators and psychologists to use neuropsychological assessments for early detection of learning ability related giftedness and disabilities/ difficulties.

Our digital assessment and remediation platform aims to lower the barriers of expensive testing and remedial consultations. At the same time, we want to remove the social stigma associated with 1-on-1 psychologist visits by making these services available anytime, anywhere and in complete privacy.

We offer two solutions, the first is an Assessment app (android and web) with easy-to-administer group/individual assessment battery based on CHC Theory of Cognitive abilities. The second is a Telehealth-based platform where remediation of children with specific learning disability is offered through expert psychologists and Special educators.

Who Do We Test?

Amaze MAPPR can be used for kids & adults alike. There are 4 Levels, choose the most appropriate one based on age and grade.


AGE => 7+

GRADE => 2 to 4


AGE => 10+

GRADE => 5 to 7


AGE => 13+

GRADE => 8 to 10


AGE => 16+

GRADE => 11+


Use Reliable & Valid Assessments

Neuropsychoeducational Assesments available for different abilities


Take assessments in groups or individual that saves your cost and time


Get test reports quickly based on performance of assessments taken


Process of assessment starting from register to remediation session


Register by providing few details and get your assesments date scheduled

Pre-Test Surveys

Few surveys taken before tests ehich helps in result analysis


Assesment batteries based on age / grade assigned and conducted


Results are captured and reviewed to get proper analysis

Report Analysis

Final detailed report based on performance gets ready and avaialble to you

Remedial Plan

Based on report, some remediations are suggested by expert

Our Catalog

  • Memory Processing

    Ability to take in information, store it, and recall it later
  • Acquired Knowledge

    Knowledge obtained from environment around us
  • Processing Efficiency

    Ability to focus one's attention and apply effort to a timed task
  • Perceptual Processes

    Ability to organize, interpret and respond to a variety of stimuli
  • Reasoning Ability

    Ability to identify, evaluate and make a decision while solving a problem

Interactive Tests

Our test are fun & game like & short in duration
  • Memory

    Includes tests like Speed Image Recall, Verbal Memory, Sound vocabulary, Memory Recall TAKE DEMO TEST
  • Acquired

    Includes tests like Mathematics, Numerical Reasoning, Antonyms, Word Reading TAKE DEMO TEST
  • Processing

    Includes tests like Text Matching, Simple Reaction, Choice Reaction, CPT TAKE DEMO TEST
  • Perceptual

    Includes tests like Visuo-spatial Reasoning, Word Sounds TAKE DEMO TEST
  • Reasoning

    Includes tests like Pattern Recognition, Matrix Logic TAKE DEMO TEST

Expert Guidance

MAPPR has been developed by expert educational psychologists, developmental paediatrician, special needs educators.
All assessments have extensively been field tested for vailidity & reliability.


MAPPR reports are comprehensive & insightful for parents, teachers, and specialists. They are presented in an easy-to-interpret manner and provide comparison with age- & grade norms.

Psychologist feedback

The test performance data can easily be supplemented with observations made by the assessors & psychologists based on the interaction with parents & the child itself. All useful information is available in a single document for your child.


Based on the surveys, test performance & observations, our specialists can offer specific recommendations on how the child can be supported. Our pool of experts have years of experience & are certified to offer practical approaches for parents & school to support the child.

Individualized Remedial plan

Every child is unique, each brain is uniquely wired. It is only natural that the action plan to support each child is ‘custom-built’. These individualized remedial plans include interventions, tools & techniques and suggested approaches to be used with the child in one-to-one, small group and larger groups.

Re-assess for Improvements

You can’t improve anything you can’t measure. Once the interventions are used, MAPPR can be used at suggested intervals to re-assess the progress being made. Additional modifications and new/different interventions can be introduced when the reassessment shows that the child’s performance is stagnating or requires accelerated effort. 2 assessments a year are ideal for a child who has been screened and is undergoing specific interventions.

Available On

Available on PlayStore

Android app is available to take test on mobile app. You can download and try it out.

Available on Web

Web platform also available to take test on browser. Its mobile responsive so can be taken on desktop or tablet also.

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Reviews and feedbacks by users
  • This is a amazing platform for fastest and most comprehensive assessment of child's true potential. We learnt about the strengths & weaknesses of each student. Fun for children to take and easy to understand results.

    Dr. Shyam Raghav, Principal

  • Results and Reports are very comprehensive and helpful for further improvement in our abilities

    Anil Sharma

  • Quick and fun to take these tests. They are not long or boring like school tests. Multiple test within a very short time is the best thing about AMAZ

    Vivek Shah